Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ni Hao

Okay, I absolutely love my area. So we didn't have a lot of investigators, because we are white-washing. So we decided to meet with all the leaders, LA's and other members. I don't think I have every felt so loved by a ward. They truly love the missionaries and show it.  I'm so thankful to be in this ward. My companion and I decided we don't need to buy a lot of food, because we get fed so much. (But i made the best chicken chilli last week and my companion loved it).  

So we are teaching this chinese woman Sister Ma. She doesn't speak any english, any mongolian, just chinese.  So we have to take a translator to our lessons. But can I say she has the most faith I have ever heard of  or seen. She has been in mongolia 3 months.She doesn't really have friends, and her husband works all day.  Her husband speaks mongolian but I haven't met him yet. So she is christian and went to a christian church before. And she prayed to know which church she should go to. And she got an answer that it is our church. So she sits in 3 hours of church and just listens and reads her mandarin bible. We are still working on getting her a mandarin bible.  And we were on the way to her house last week with the translator, and we couldn't figure out where she lived. And we happened to run into a member who knew EXACTLY where she lived. The members' name is narra. OH my goodness, she is the funniest person alive, also her tribe is nepatali, I have never met a nepatali. Anyway so we go to Maa's house and Maa will ask Narra questions in chinese and nara responds in mongolian, not really knowing what she really said, but it's a miracle. They seem to be conversing even though the language barrier is a big wall. There is truly a language that goes beyond words, and I was so thankful to witness it this week. We are still trying to figure out how to teach her and what her needs are but I'm so thankful to see her example.  Also she made us the beeeeest chinese food. IT WAS SOO GOOD. I was trying to ask her what flavoring she used, by hand signs and gestures, but either she didn't understand or I didn't understand her answer haha.  

Oh also a one of our investigators sells fruit, Yeah every time we go to their house we get to eat fruit. SUCH A BLESSING.

So I was on the bus last week, and we were going to check addresses. On the way their, on of my old investigators from my first area was on the bus with her son. I MEAN THESE THINGS JUST DON"T HAPPEN. So we talked to her got her information and are going to meet with her. Although i have asked everyone and I can't find her teaching record. And the member that we were trying to meet with wasn't even home. I'm thouroughly convinced we were suppose to be on the bus to run into my old investigator and we got like 2 ITLs. So it was great.

Well Love you family! stay safe, be healthy and happy!

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