Sunday, November 9, 2014

tieng fu

OH  my goodness. This week we taught Maa again, but we didn't have a translator.  haha So we just went on and watched a mandarin I'm a Mormon video and we watched some mormon messages with mandarin subtitles. But today I'm going to find mandarin translated church videos.   Our translator is out of town for the week. But we still need to visit her even though there's no translator. But we got a mandarin book of mormon. And we tried to show here the in mandarin.  She is amazing. She makes the best food. I want to learn how to make her food.  Oh my goodness and I said the closing prayer.  I said it in english because obviously she doesn't understand mongolian either. I LOVE PRAYING IN ENGLISH. Even my personal prayers are in mongolian. But my prayer just seemed so much more genuine through english. I just hope she felt the spirit. I think she did because she either had something in her eye or she was emotional. haha I can never tell.  We are trying to learn chinese words. I know how to say heavenly father, but yeah that's the extent to my church vocab.

This morning I went to my school's opening ceremony. IT WAS SO COOl. There was some performances and then we took a tour of the new school it's so nice and big. I will be able to teach englsih in big classrooms! And My sponsor is taking all the teachers out to dinner tonight. My mission is truly very different than any other mission.  And I LOVE MY KIDS. They are so dang cute.

Okay my brain is scattered. I don't know what else to write. LOVE YOU FAMILY!


"at church: She has either been praying for 20 minutes or sleeping. #whichone?."

ALSO... Happy Birthday Taya!

Sista tengriin goonj

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