Sunday, December 28, 2014


This week was just a bunch of Christmas stuff. We had the missionary Christmas and it was so good. My mission is so talented. This one girl she is like a real opera singer or studied it. She sang Ave Maria, it was heavenly. And the Mongolian Elders sang this traditional  song about mothers and it was just so beautiful.  All the sisters in the city sung Santa Claus is coming to town and oh come all you faithful.  We started out Santa Claus is coming to town and did a cool little arrangement.   I will show you guys the video after my mission I promise even if you don't want to see it.. Then that night we went to a members house to eat and it was so fun. They are so funny. The day after Christmas was my school's new year's party so the kids had this program and it was so cute. I will show you that video after my mission too. Then Saturday was the teacher's new years , which we almost have to go, or we offend them. Okay I have a confession. I danced. I'm horrible I know. So I was with the Lindfords (the senior couple, that teaches at my school) and we kept saying no no we can't. Then they were like, you 4 are the only ones not dancing. So we got up and I haven't danced in sooooo long, so I can't just half dance. I danced and it felt so good.  I'm horrible, don't follow my example. But they started playing a bad game so we left soon after and I was thinking, why didn't I leave earlier. Cause that's how temptation gets you. You can't stay in places of temptation too long, cause well for me i'm not too strong willed. Anyway, i'm repenting.

Then on Sunday this stake choir puts on this Christmas fireside every year and it was so good. K DON"T TELL ANYONE THIS BUT, you know is the Christmas story where the assigns are singing jingles bells. Yeah the YM/YW did a song, and I couldn't stop laughing because they were singin in English and they were trying hard, but I just kept picturing the Christmas story.  Anyway i'm going to h---- i know.  Other than that it was a really really good fireside. This week was so busy. I can't believe how fast it went.  

OH and I gave a talk yesterday. And when I always prepare my talks I feel like their amazing, and they will change people's lives and stuff. But reading in mongolian is hard especially when everyone is watching you. I got caught on a few words. After words this lady comes up to my and companion and I and she was like, Oh Naranzul you talk was sooo great. And then this is what she said to me "Please study mongolian well". I just laughed. 

Well happy new year, make good new years resolutions, that will last 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks like last year.


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