Sunday, February 2, 2014


So this week I finally got to meet with my mission president since my 1st interview. We talked for a long time. Much needed.
 So we talked a lot about language. It's so frustrating because I feel like I am good at talking to people. And I try to talk to people but I don't have mongolian words.  But he said the gospel is more powerful when taught simply. Also, language can be a tool but it can also be a deterrent to teaching the Gospel.  He even said that my companion is inhibited by her language even though she is mongolian.  He said to study and teach the essence of the Gospel.  It is more powerful. So this week that is exactly what I'm doing. Breaking down the lessons as simple, and as clear as possible.  Yesterday, just wrote out in English that Plan of Salvation. I realized there were a couple parts I got stuck on even in english.  So it was really cool to see.

Also, I got a hold of this talk that Elder Holland gave in the MTC in 2011. Holy Moly. It is amazing.  I wish I could send it to everyone. But Elder Holland starts out saying that no one was ever as affected by a  mission as much as he was.  So why? Why was his mission so profound? I am sure you have heard the story of when Elder Holland talked to about when Jesus was talking to Peter after his resurrection. Peter went fishing. He thought it was over.  But Christ had to ask peter 3 times "Do you Love me, then feed my sheep".  From that point on Peter was the amazing chief apostle and still is.  That is the moment peter got it.  And our missions should be like that. We need to leave everything behind and focus on the work. After our mission we should never go back.  Man it was amazing. I know I am not doing it justice. 

This week was Sagansaar here. Which is as big as Christmas in the US. For 3 days straight we just go to people's houses and eat steamed rolls. Its seriously a feast and you are expected to eat so much at every house.  When you first enter the house you go to the oldest male of the house and then say "Amar Ban oh, sheen dee rey, saxhan sheenage bano?. At the same time you put your arms under there arms, and then either kiss or breath by both of your cheeks. Then you do it to the next oldest person. OH and they usually have this blue scarf. Then they give you their tabacco thing and you suppose to sniff it. Obviously if you don't want to sniff it you just act like you did. And then you just eat a lot. Then as you are leaving they give you presents and money! I got a few presents. It was great. I was not expecting anything. Anyway we went to 8 houses I think. Awesome. I love sagansaar. We didn't get to teach. But it was awesome. I get to have one next year too. Oh and I got to wear traditional mongolian clothes. Some people have beautiful deth's. (long robe/dress things) I usually don't like them but I saw some amazing ones.

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