Friday, January 31, 2014


So this week everyone here is prepping for Stagaanstar. I am not spelling that right.  Anyway  they make 1000 steamed rolls. So this week we were suppose to go help some people. But ended up not working out. But this house we went to go to service, we help them lay down linoleum. Or something like linoleum.  Anyway it was in a gehr. So a tent.  And we had to move everything out of the gehr and lay down the floor. The whole time they kept telling me to do things, but I didn't understand them. One of their daughters is crippled so she was just watching the whole thing. (by the way she was one of the first members in Mongolia). Anyway she was laughing  at the whole situation.  I know the lady said harsh words, but I don't know what she said. haha  ooooh well...

So also last week I learned about the first Mongolian Missionaries and how they did work. So Their was a bunch of missionaries at the MTC going to the Ukraine Mission. Elder Ballard called them into a room and told them that their mission assignment changed to the Mongolia.  Elder Ballard dedicated Mongolia for missionary work.  Anyway, with no language training at all the missionaries went to Mongolia. There is no bible or Book of Mormon to teach from either. So at first the missionaries had to uses translaters.  Eventually they learned the language and translated scriptures, wrote them on pieces of paper to give to the members.  And their were obviously no mongolian missionaries, so the missionaries were all speaking English trying to learn mongolian.  And at first they had so many converts, they were always teaching.  Now a lot of them are less active for many reasons.  Anyway very cool.  This guy in my ward, Brother Wilson, served here in Mongolia. His wife is Mongolian and was one of the 1st converts too. I think.  Anyway he told us all this. I felt very grateful that I have a Mongolian Companion, I got 9 weeks of language training, and that I have mongolian scriptures and preach my gospel.

I have been reading the BOM in Mongolian and am on Jacob 6. I just noticed today that I can understand more and more of what verses say. Although, there are definitely those verses that have a bunch of words I don't know.  But it's okay.

So this week we taught 3 families in the same apartment place. So these families are in the bottom of an apartment building. Basically the living conditions are not good. I'm pretty sure if they were in the US the apartment would be breaking all sorts of codes... Anyway so every time we teach lessons, there are always a million kids around. Their isn't a lot of room so the kids kind of all hang out together.  Last week when we started a couple lessons there were seriously kids reading to be taught. As the lesson went on they didn't pay attention. But it's was a cool start. 

Well this week I don't have a lot. Sorry. Next week I will write more cause of the holiday.


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