Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Holy moly. I am a missionary. Miss you guys the most! Guess who was at the temple this morning? That Australian Guy who was at the stake president's office when I got set apart.

Anyway, this place is insane.  I have to teach a lesson tomorrow morning in Mongolian.  Yeah I need to study like crazy today.  I am a solo sister, which means when I am not next to my sister companions I have to have two elders with me.  In my district all of us are going to Mongolia. There are 5 of us.  So most the time I'm with a set of elders.  So everyone here is so young. But its ok.  

OH MY GOODNESS. My whole district is International, minus my Mongolian District.  There are people from all over Samoa, Tonga, Philippines, Guatemala.  I just love it.  


-Seeester Eskelthsen.
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  1. NaTaya! I like this a lot. Sara is such a cutie. I love her. And you.
    K. Bye