Friday, September 20, 2013



This week has definitely been challenging but good. It feels like it's been a month and not just a week but not in a bad way. 

I am definitely struggling with the language. We have already had to teach and "investigator" in Mongolian.  I struggled the whole time.  Learning this language is the hardest thing I have ever done.  But I am always studying and practicing. I speak monglish very well... Ok not really. But I can say most of my prayers in Mongolian. 

My sister companions are Sister Soletta from the Philipines and Sister Parra from Guatemala. They are awesome Sisters we have a lot of fun when I do see them.  We go to the work out class they have for sisters in the morning. They are kind of cheesy but I sweat and work out hard so that's all that matters.
Not working out hard everyday has definitely been challenging.  I am only aloud to play basketball if another girl plays and I can only play soccer with girls.  There are a couple girls that play basketball but they are both leaving the MTC next week and they don't always want to play which is so weird to me. I'm hoping I get a runner girl companion next new set of Sisters.

So when I'm not with my Sister Companions I have to be with a set of my class Elders.  This has definitely been challenging because we all have to communicate where we are so I am never left alone. Apparently the girl that was suppose to be my companion got married instead.  It has been kind of hard to practice my Mongolian when I go back to my room because I have to speak English. I  My zone is all ADL which means they are bilingual and from different countries.

I am a Sister Training leader which just means I have to make sure all the Sisters have companions in my district and checking on them every so often.  I'm going to miss my zone when they leave next week.  I have had so much fun with them and learn so much from them.

So there was an opportunity to sing in conference but I missed the sign up because I was in a meeting. I'm praying that they will open it up somehow.  

I got to see Devynne My Cousin a couple of times. It's so nice. One of the Elders in my zone is going to St. Louis and will travel with each other next week.  Elder Abad is Filipino and cannot say my last name so he calls me Sister St. Louis. 

Well love you all!


(Turns out no one can pronounce my last name so they all call me Sister Eskeleton)

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