Monday, October 27, 2014

Fast Week!

OMG. This week went by soooo fast. I got transferred. I'm in Unur. I'm sooo happy to be serving here. My new companion is Sister Sun-Flame. SHE IS SO AWESOME.  She is so funny and she speaks like no english, so i'm learning so much mongolian from her. I didn't know I could speak this much mongolian. And I'm learning a ton of slang and cool ways to say things the Mongolian way. So great. And I get to see my songino members. I missed them so much. 

We are white washing this area, but we have a pretty good start. We met with this girl who just randomely showed up to church while a baptism was going on. And she went to the ward activity the next day. We taught her and he understands sooo well. I'm excited to teach her. Are other investigators are this family and their co-worker. They all sell fruit. So we went to their house for the lesson and they put out a buuunch of fruit for us to eat. Wow can you say blessed. Anyway the lesson was soo good. They see the changes they are making through living the gospel and they feel more peace in their life. I'm so excited to get to work in this area.  

So on saturday we went to the church to help set up for this church activity for unur and songino and two other wards. I was sitting there drawing scary faces on balloons sitting next to one of my mongolian best friends and like all my songino new members were there. I felt so completely happy. I'm so thankful.

So this week I studied about the prodigal son again. So I'm still trying to completely understand this parable. I understand the prodigal son part, but the other son, why is that part in there? Why is that part so important. So I think to show the contrast. So when the older son got home from working in the field or something he comes home to this big party. And he asks his dad. Why is this big party going on. Well we thought you brother was dead and he's alive, there is reason to rejoice. And the son is a little prideful and says you have never given me anything like, this a party or any reward. He wasted your living. Why does he deserve this party? And he says "thou art ever with me, and all that have is thine".  Right so it seems unfair but we all know that God is a perfectly just person. He would not give anyone a reward they don't deserve, and we know also that everything that is unfair about life can be made right through the atonement of Jesus Christ. But I think the prodigal son, even though he got this great party, he missed out and lost some great blessing, and he will never have a chance to experience these great blessings.  But the 1st son, never lost these great blessing. He remained faithful and was always in his fathers presence. I think these great blessings can come to us in different forms. Even though sometimes we think another way of life is better or a certain sin is fun or whatever, we can miss out on great blessing if we choose to heed these temptations.  Anyway that was so long. HOPE IT MADE SENSE. That's what i've been thinking about this week.



"Crap I only have 5 months to get fluent in mongolian."

"Freedom freedom, FREEEDOOM.... (i just found out I don't have to teach english for 3 weeks). #hallelujah"

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