Sunday, October 12, 2014


Can I just say conference was the best. And I'm like the worst example. I had no questions prepared. But I got some life questions answered. So it was great.

So this week, we lost like all of our investigators. But dont' worry we still have 1 really good progressing investigators. I haven't taught him yet because i was on a transfer when they taught him and we have been busy, and it did't help i got food poisoning last week and felt like my stomach was going to rip into two.  But It's cool now. I dont' want to eat any no homemade food right now.

So I have had trouble really loving my area right now. I'm the worst. In all my other areas i didn't want to leave cause I loved the people so much. And I want to get transferred honestly, like back to my old areas. So I was pondering this, and why I LOVED darkhan so much. And with sister matthews our first planning session, we agreed we needed to make her last 6 weeks amazing. So in preach my gospel it says if we work had as missionaries we can experience more happiness than we have ever experience before. And after being in my new area for almost 3 months I realized, that's the reason I loved darkhan. I think.  Cause I had a lot of hard times in darkhan, it was nooot easy, but also some really amazing wonderful experiences, and met the most wonderful people. So i decided yesterday, that I need to chase the happiness again. And I know there is a reason i'm in this area, it's just always hard to have that focus.

Okay sorry I gotta go. I don't know where my internet time went. 



"I feel somewhat in camaraderie with the buddhist monks I see walking on the streets"

"When is BOM the sequel coming out?" -okay totally kidding but i've just been hungry to read novels lately.

"I really want to apparate right now". #harrypotterproblems

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