Sunday, October 19, 2014

my heart mermaid

This week seemed so busy. It went so fast. I can't believe how fast this transfer went.  But I have a feeling I'm going to stay in my area. 

We found a new investigator! Our new members did an ITL with their neighbor and he's so good. He is this old grandpa, who lives alone. He use to be a soldier and he is really funny.  He always tells stories during our lessons, which is kind of hard to refocus him. But he came to church! And he loved it. We don't have a lot of investigators that are progressing right now, but we had 3 of our inactive members that we visit come to church. I was so happy!  We got the ward list last week and are trying to check all the address of the inactive people, because the list is huge, but only a fraction comes to church. So we are going to do a visiting teaching activity this Saturday.

Omg funniest thing happened this week. We were on a meeker (van) on the way home. And we were all crunched next to each other. And There was this drunk guy sitting in the meeker with his wife.  I HATE IT WHEN drunk people are on a bus or on the same meeker as you. They are so annoying.  Anyway these 2 young cute girls get in the the meeker.  This old creepy drunk guys starts talking to them.  Of course I don't understand slang very well but apparently he was trying to woo them.  Yeah anyway all of a sudden I hear "You are my heart mermaid". I died and everyone in the meeker was laughing.  And then his wife starts hitting him, and trying to cover his mouth cause he kept saying stuff to them.  It was just the funniest situation. I still can't believe I am in mongolia, I ride meekers and buses with mongolians, and I speak broken mongolian.

MY english class is so difficult. I LOVE THEM SO DANG MUCH. But my 3rd graders just don't listen to me. I just want them to learn english. They were horrible this week. So i use this curriculum called genki and it's so wonderful. And the creator is like, if the kids aren't listening its because you're boring. But like my 2nd graders, get the same lesson and they always think i'm funny. I recorded a video of my one of my 2nd grade classes.  There is this one girl, who's face just lights up when we sing the songs. When you look at her you just know she's happy.  Anyway, I decided I have to get my 3rd grader's parents involved, so i'm giving them a test with a behavior assessment. And their parents have to sign it. Yeah that'll show them. haha

So this week all the sisters climbed a mountain together. IT WAS SO FUN. All the city couples came. And we took pictures but i forgot my camera of course. So you'll eventually see them on facbook in a few months.  I know bro linford said he would put them on facebook and tag my dad. But I got to run! President was like, hey you 2 go catch brother and sister frankum. So we started running wild and free down the mountain, in mongolia. IT DOESN"T GET BETTER THAN THAT.

So I love witnessing people's first prayers. They always seem kind of awkward. And a lot of people start out, Hello, my name is so and so. And the ones that really get prayer, talk to Heavenly Father for the first time like they are meeting someone for the 1st time. They really converse with him. And this experience is saw raw.  And I think that's how prayers should always be. Like he is with you in the room almost. Anyway it's the best.

Well love you family.

PS -Mathews I had a dream about you and you were at my house and it was a really great reunion. I hope that you dreamed the same thing and that it was also a great reunion. I MISS YOU GIRL.

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