Sunday, October 5, 2014


Man this week was teachers holy day. Except no one told me so I just showed up to class and taught. But it's okay.

This week none of our investigators showed up to church on Sunday. We even went to go get one of them. So discouraging. People never really understand the importance of going to church. I know what exactly feels like to not want to go to church. But the blessings or going outweigh not going. We need to renew our covenants. We get to become a new person, and recommit to being better than the week before. And we can receive personal revelation.

So last night we were at a members house who teaches seminary. And he was like I have had a question about this one scripture. D&C 19:6. So it's something along the lines of if we don't repent, we will have to endure endless torment. But then I read the whole chapter and a thought came to me. Jesus Christ suffered everything people have suffered, are suffering and will every suffer.  My thought is that he knows exactly what endless torment feels like. And maybe in a sense he feels those feelings all the time for us. Which is a heavy burden to carry. But this is not fact these are just my thoughts. But, which is why is arm is always extended toward us.  And Did you guys know he pleads with the father 3 times to let this cup pass from him?? Yeah well I can't even imagine it.   He is our savior, our king, our good. 

I feel like this week was not the most successful week. All I learned is that I need to be listening to the spirit more.  



1st picture - This kid just had a flag randomly one day. And was waving it. SOO Mongolian. By the way little kids who are not potty trained very well don't wear pants in the summer.  So typical Mongolian.

2nd- Is us at the mission doctor's apartment. They fed us meatloaf and like all the sisters were there. It was a great surprise. I LOVE THE DOCTOR AND HIS WIFE. They are awesome.

Us on a transfer with the STLs.

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