Sunday, September 28, 2014


So this week my companion was sick. But it happened to be on the day I had to teach english from 10-5pm. So I tried to transfer with sisters, so one could stay with my companion and one could go with me. I CALLED ALL THE Close sisters. But I had the feeling I needed to do everything I could. So finally I ended up calling the xan-uul sisters. Who happens to be my old companion the one i had troubles with.  So I went to teach english. We finally got back to my apartment at 6. We were starving so we all made food. So I got to chat with my old companion while making xushuur. And it was sooooooo amazing.  All my bad feelings were gone. I WAS sooo happy she was there.  I forgot how close we were and how much fun we really had.  I was sooo thankful for this experience.

Man so one of our investigators is soo good. But he never comes to church. So finally we went to talk to his mom to get permission for him to come to church.  His mom only rests on tuesdays. So we went to his house and his whole family was there. His mom was so nice to us. She said of course he could come to church. And that she felt a warm feeling when we were there. Also... we started teaching his older sisters. SHE IS SO AMAZING.  I love her to death. She's around my age and married and has a 7 year old child. SO COOL. She is really good at cooking so when we went to her house, I helped her make buuz.  So I'm a little better at folding them now.  Still not great. But we ended up teaching her 2 lessons this week. The 2nd lesson we were explaining baptism and before we even got the invitation out, she was like, "How do I become a new person?" Just like the District movies. So cool. And her brother came to church finally. We are still working on getting him more ready for Baptism. But so thankful he came.



Erdenchimig, the one who got baptized in the dark

My investigators house. Sunday morning it was snowing so bad. WINTER BECAME. Ugh.  But it was really pretty I could help singing christmas songs.

Sister Hill and I. She is amazing! I lover he so much

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