Sunday, September 14, 2014


This week went by so fast. I'm staying in my area with my same companion this 6 weeks. Which I'm thankful for. We don't fight and we have a couple investigators that are sooo great.

This week my companion and I decided to diet.... haha yeah i failed. of course... I was only going to eat vegetables, and meat and nuts... I did so good till... 2 days... okay yeah i know bad but it's okay. So tuesday I got really bad heartburn and we had to walk everywhere, cause everyone burned us that day. Yeah I don't know why healthy food gave me heartburn but it did... anyway on wedensday I was like... "Okay I need ice cream now..." so we were walking home about to stop by this store... it was closed, this store is neeever closed. So strange. And that happened again this week. I was going to give in and go to this place to eat potato xooshir... (fried empanada kinda). yeah this place was closed! heavenly Father was helping me! But I think i'm over it now. haha

So this coming week we have a baptism. Her mom just got baptized. So excited for her. She is so fun. She is Luke's age... I can't believe it. Luke still seems like a little kid or she is just a little more mature. I still can't believe luke is in high school. annnyway, I'm still praying that we can start teaching the Dad. Last week he couldn't find his keys or wallet. They were looking everywhere for it. Javsma prayed. And one of our investigators who is their cousin is living at their house while going to school, suddenly got home and found it. Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 

Oh so we woke up sunday morning and the 1st counselor told us we were giving talks in church that day. I HATE SPEAKING infront of people, and in mongolian is so much harder. I shake so bad whenever i have to give a talk, or even back in school when i had to get up in class. Anyway so i prepare like crazy. I spent 2 hours writing and re-writing this talk. It was about missionary work.  It's a great talk. But I got to church and was sitting in sacrament meeting and was like, wait I don't know if this is the talk i'm suppose to give. So I was the last speaker, and I was going to give that talk till about 10 minutes before I went up.  And had the overcoming feeling I needed to give a talk about always following the spirit. So I was nervous, but for the 1st time ever I wasn't shaking at the pulupit and gave the talk, and of course it wasn't perfect and I had to re say a couple things I was trying to say... But i think it went well considering. My message: ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow the spirit. 

Well Have a good week!

Love you family!

sister sara eskelsen

"Why do shaving cuts bleed like you maced yourself with a huge knife??" 
"What do my dreams usually consist of 1) future husband 2) iPhone." 
"What will be my 1st purchases when i get home" 1) iPhone 2) running shoes" 
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baptisma of javsma

Cender - my old investigator who got baptized with her family (after I left) came to see me on sunday. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

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