Sunday, September 7, 2014


Wow this week went by so fast. So tuesday I was sick, I think i got food poisoning and a cold. It was horrible, I couldn't get out of my bed. Then the next day I was suppose to teach english, I thought I would be okay, and started to get ready. We walked to the Bayanzurkh and on the way I was like, there is now way I can teach 40 kids english today. So I called my english and went home.  But I took and Nap and felt sooooo much better.

So I started teaching english this week. I missed my kids. But they still didn't listen to me haha. But I Just love them.  So my president got this new english learning program called genkhi and I used it and it's sooo wonderful. I could only use it for my 2nd graders because I didn't get the computer till after I taught my 3rd graders.  Yeah I have a computer basically. And the program works so well, the kids love it. So I'm so thankful.

This week we have a new investigator, Her name is stone flower, okay in mongolian of course. But we tried to find her house one night. Ugh it was horrible. The day before it was so hot. But that day it turned winter. And right now I don't have my winter clothes, they are in Darxhan. So basically I was freezing. And we couldn't find her house. We were looking for an hour and had to go back. But the next day we found her house and me with them.So we started teaching, my companion gave the opening prayer. I opened my eyes and looked over at stoneflower. She had tears in here eyes.  I hope that was the spirit. I don't really know how the lesson affected her because she didn't have a lot to say. But she ended up saying the closing prayer. How lucky as missionaries we get to witness people's 1st prayers with Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father is sooo eager to talk with us, and help us with our "practical and spiritual" problems. I know this is so true. When I first got to mongolia I didn't understand what prayers could be. Heavenly Father wants to truely openly and honestly speak with us. So first coming to mongolia, no one understands you, you don't understand anything. I felt so alone. I missed america, I missed my family. But my prayers started to change. I started to explain exactly how I was feeling, why I was feeling the way I was feeling, almost like I was talking to a friend right there.  I can honestly say I'm so thankful for the opportunity to pray like this. I wish my prayers were like that everyday.  But there is something so amazing about prayers in desperation.   Our Heavenly Father hears them, and knows them. And he answers our prayers. And He answered my prayers.

Well Love you family!


"I just taught my companion to say "mo money mo problems". #adorable #accents

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