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So this week I was talking to my companion and she is leaving in 2 weeks... what?! crazy.  So we were kind of being negative and then I relayed this story the Aubrey Manwill (aka my best friend, who works at the MTC) told me from her mission... So Her and her companion were driving in the car and all of a sudden they got the impression they needed to stop. So Aubrey or someone yells "STOP THE CAR!" So they stopped and talked to this lady and she had just prayed to meet the missionaries or something. And basically following that prompting answered this lady's prayer.  Ok I probably told it wrong and forgot a bunch of details. But something that she told me has stuck with me my whole mission.  She said "ALWAYS expect miracles to happen". So I was talking with my companion and I was like, we are not allowed to have negative thoughts. We are going to expect miracles because we need them.  So these are the miracles that happened this week.

So we are teaching english to this non-active girl (oyonerden), who has been a member for 9 years. Her  family is on/off in going to church. And we are teaching her friend, but everyone was there in the house/gehr and actively listening.  We were teaching about prayer, and my companion all of a sudden ends with what she was saying. (she speaks amazing mongolian and she is great at teaching). Anyway I felt prompted to share this experience of when I was unemployed for 3 long horrible months.  I was praying everyday to find a job, and in that time I felt like I need to go to the temple whenever possible. So I went to the temple one night.  I get out of my car and I felt the most intense feeling of love from Heavenly Father. I seriously felt like someone was there hugging me and I heard these words. "Daughter I am aware of you and I know you are trying".  I did not find a job right away, but there were a couple times I was close. But I knew my Heavenly Father is very aware of me and helping me. Looking back now, I know he guided me.  So that we asked the family members to tell the story, or share your testimony of when Heavenly Father answered your prayer.  So the Dad starts to tell this story about how he was trying to find work and prayed, and he eventually found work.  I loved how simple he said it. It was maybe two sentences. But that's what great about testimony, it just needs to be simple, truthful, and from the spirit.  So after I didn't think anything of the family, I was just worried about the investigator.  So after we left, and my companion said that the dad was crying during our lesson.  And then later the whole family went to church! I was so happy!  

So we were meeting with one of our new members/less active member's udvathtsetseg.  We took oyounerdent and her friend (our investigator) because they wanted to be our witnesses.  Which I was so surprised at because she doesn't go to church or really listen to our messages (so i thought).  So udvathtseteg's friend was there, and we ended up teaching her the 1st lesson.  I was so thankful we found a new investigator. But this lady is going to the same church that ubvathtstseg use to go to. But she told her conversion story.  And it was amazing to hear her story (relayed through my companion after because I didn't understand her). At the end of the lesson we asked oyonerdent to share her testimony, we she quickly replied and said no. But she gave the closing prayer.  But i'm so thankful she came, and I think it is helping her gain her own testimony.

So the 2nd big miracle happened unexpected.  Our appointment fell through but we were out in our area, and I was like, well we should just get bread before we go home, cause our back ups fell through too. So we go into the store, and there is udvathtsetseg, and my companion decided to scare her last minute. So my companion scared her and she jumped 2 ft in the air. It was hilarious. and the store owner didn't know, that we knew her. He got mad at us and was like, "you don't scare old people". Anyway funny, but after she was like come talk to me after you get what you need. So we walk out of the store after we get bread, and she calls us over. She ends up introducing is to this lady who's name is surem. And she ends up agreeing to meet with us the next day. So we ended up meeting with her, and it was a really good lesson, i feel like she's very prepared, but she said she was leaving for the city the next day. So we were sad that we couldn't meet with her again. But it's still a miracle. And missionary work goes so much better if members help.  

Then my last big miracle of the week. Saturday we were studying and eating lunch, and we get a call from the branch president. He was like you guys need to come to the church now, there is an investigator here that wants to meet with the missionaries.  So we go to church, right away and she had met with the missionaries 5 months, and read most of the book of Mormon and received all the lessons. I felt prompted to talk about baptism. So i talked about baptism, and then my companion does the baptismal invitation. I told my companion for July 7th. And my companion was like ok July 14th. And I was like.. ok whatever that's fine. So she committed to being baptized. So after the lesson I was talking with my companion and she thought I said June 7th... which is why she moved it back a week. And she said she would meet with us everyday.  But it's just funny because I still can't understand Mongolian very well, and it's a miracle that she committed to being baptized in 2 weeks. So the only bad part of this story is we forgot to get her phone number. And she didn't show up to church on Sunday. So we don't have a way to meet with her.  So we are praying that we can meet up with her again or something.  But Sunday was a big holiday in Mongolia, Children's day.  And we hope it was because of that that she didn't come to church. But it's still a miracle.

Ps side not we made the best tacos this week. My companion makes tortillas really well, and  we slow cooked some chicken and... yeah the best tacos ever.  What are we learning together... to cook good american food... haha need to work on how to make tsovan noodles or really good mongolian food for that matter.

Also, I got to run 3 times with my companion this week. I know she hates it. but I'm so thankful!

So this next week I get to serve in the real country side this week, for a day! But i'm so thankful. I will be in Erdnent. My companion is going to the city to to Leadership stuff So I will be on an exchange. AAAAnnnnd this week we are having a big ward activity at the river... So we get to go to the River this week. Mongolia is so pretty. I'm so glad I have got to see more than the city!
Ok this email is way too long.  LOVE YOU FAMILY!

Sister Sara Eskelsen

Ps I'm halfway this month... woooord.  I still can't understand Mongolian.

PSS Nataya, email me girl! I LOVE YOU AND PRAY FOR YOU ERE'Day (black deep voice).

Pss sorry i haven't sent pictures, the computer at this place wiped my memory card. so I need to get it restored. I don't want to take the chance again.

Sister Eskelsen

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