Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slow Week...

On friday we had a baptism!  Monxzaya got baptized.  It was so exciting.  She is so happy... Her sister has been a member for 4 years and she was overjoyed that her sister decided to get baptized.  It was an amazing baptism.

So this week we kept having people cancel on us. And the thing about Mongolia is we can't go knock doors or proselyte if appointments cancel.  So we have to be a little more creative.  Anyway I was kind of discouraged.   There were a couple days we just went back to the apartment I studied while my companion made a bunch of calls. I feel like I have the faith that the Lord will always provide. But I was frustrated because I feel like he was not providing.  Then I read this article in a liahona about the Lords time.  Oaks wrote it and he tells this story about him being president of BYU. He wanted to have the President come speak. He said he couldn't put any restrictions on him for BYU's convenience. The president is one of the most powerful people in the US and he is busy. But he had to just be thankful that the President could come speak when he wanted and whatever he wanted.  So on a larger scale relating that to Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father knows everything and what will work best. We cannot expect him to answer our prayers always in the way we want, when we want it.  We have to trust that he will answer when that time is right.  The Lord will answer prayers on His own time and in His own way.  In Hebrews 11:39-40... it says "And these all, having obtained a agood breport through faith, received not the promise: God having bprovided some better thing for us..."

So basically that was my big lesson this week.
Also, one of the nights we came home early I decided that we needed to meet with members and get referrals. So we made a goal of meeting with 5 members this week to get referrals.  The next day was Sunday and Elder Gardener one of the older couple missionaries, he gave a talk.  He talked about how there are more women in the church than men ( in mongolia). And the women that aren't married need to get married in the temple. And the ones' that are married they need to be a good example for the husbands and brothers.  And he challenged everyone to invite their husbands and brothers when they meet with the missionaries.  So it was basically the most perfect talk and was grateful he gave it.  We asked a bunch of people at church to meet this week.  So I know it will go well.  Maybe not how expect it... but anyway.

Also this week, we watched President Hinckley's biography. Holy Moly I love it.  But my favorite part from the whole thing was about his mission.  Even though I have heard the story about him writing home so discouraged and his father wrote him back "forget yourself and go to work". But Hinckley said that that was was the turning point in his life.  That was his "awakening". He was awakened to his sense of duty and love for God's work.

Also, this week was my companion's birthday, one of my investigators birthday, and another missionary's birthday. I have had so much cake... my goal is not going so well.  Also the bartons who are from utah but are here working for 3 years in mongolia, went home for christmas.  They brought me back cheddar cheese, real butter, and brownie mix.  I am so thankful.  Yeah definitely made brownies yesterday and it was great.  But I'm most excited for the butter.  How I have missed it.

Also a picture with Sterma's daughter Erooka (like erika). She just turned one... She is so beautiful

Well family love you! Be safe! Stay warm.

Sister Eskelsen

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