Thursday, January 2, 2014


It was so great talking to everyone after Christmas.  I miss the US so much.  I probably had my worst day the 26th.  I just really did not want to be here.  But  that night I was walking up the 13 flights of stairs to go teach Sterma Egch and all of a sudden I got the feeling "I'm suppose to feel this way and everything would be ok".  Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. I was reading in a random conference talk last week and I don't remember who said this but it was about prayer.  It said something along these lines: "Heavenly Father is EAGER for the opportunity to hear from us".  If we pray to him and confide in him, he will answer us.  Also, I was reading Thomas S. Monson's talk from this past conference. The one where he talks about his wife.  Oh I seriously cried watching that. Anyway he shared a scripture in Joshua 1... but then later I read the chapter. Verse 8: 9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the aLord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
So good.
Anyway... on a good note I had a Baptism last week! 2 kids 9 and 10... Enxjin and monxjin.  There mom wants to get baptized but wants to do it with her husband. But he has only sat in a couple lessons and we try to schedule times to meet but he keeps breaking them.  I know a miracle will happen but it may take time. 
There is this other investigator, Monxzaya... she is 19 and she is progressing so fast... at first she didn't believe but then we talked about faith and ever since then she is progressing so well.  She is getting baptized this month.  It's so sad, her father is an alcoholic.  When we talked about the plan of salvation she wanted an eternal family but not with her dad.  It's so sad to see that much pain.  But we see her testimony grow every time we teach here. It's amazing.
Also today I got to play basketball and man am I rusty.  So Mongolians don't really have any notion of what a foul is... so it was a very scrappy game. Also they don't take the ball back after they rebound... But hey I'm just grateful I got to play. And how out of shape I am. 
Also I think this should be a family goal: No buying sweets for the month of January.  What do you think?? Well  that will be my goal and at least mom and dad should do it! 
So this week I just found out that I will not be teaching English for 5 months in the summer because of their school break and construction on their new school... So there is a chance I may get to serve in the country side.  Which would be cool because I heard the country side is so beautiful but it is more 3rd world country I think. Who knows.
Well good luck at Allie and Garrett's wedding! Have so much fun!
Love you family!

Sister Sara Eskelsen

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