Tuesday, December 3, 2013


My 2nd week... very hard.  I understand more everyday but it's still very frustrating because i can't communicate.  
Buut we had a baptism.  It was amazing. I haven't been to a baptism in about a year. The spirit was so strong. It was amazing.
The Mongolian people love the gospel.  The church is so young but growing very fast. I am always surprised how many people have accepted baptism on their 1st lesson.  It's amazing. I can't really teach very well but i can testify and I know the investigators can feel the spirit.
The upside is in my ward there are a ton of people that speak English. it's a nice break!
Also, I feel so fortunate to have always been close to a temple.  Here in Mongolia it takes either a plane ride to hong kong or a 3 day train ride across china.  This one lady ( i can't remember he name) but she's my 1st mongolian grandma (mini axhni mongothiin emmay)  and she showed us her photo album dedicated to her 1st and probably only temple trip.  She treasures her experience. On the temple trip she did endowments and was sealed to her husband. It was so sweet. 
I start english class next week! Wish me luck. I have 6 different classes 3 of 2nd graders and 2 of 5th graders.  Apparently the 2nd graders are hard to handle but I think we will just sing songs to get them to focus.
I also tried my arig, which is fermented mare's milk. Eeeeewww disgusting.  It's just sour milk.  But I can't drink it anyway so it's okay. 
Well love you family!
Sister Sara Eskelsen

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