Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Time

Well, Mongolians don't really celebrate christmas but they do put up christmas lights and christmas trees and it is beautiful.

This week was really good. I went on exchanges with Sister Monkhtoya (Eternal Rain). We both started our missions at the same time. And both of our companions are sisters trainers.  But We were serving in her area and i met the most remarkable people.  1st we met Narandaya or something like that.  She neeeeeds the gospel so bad. She is 33 has 2 kids a 3 year old and a 14 year old. She can't find work right now because she has to take care of her kids.  And she didn't say this but she eluded to that she had a drinking problem.  She relies on her brother for food and rent money.  She is in so much pain.  And plus she could speak english and she explained all this in english which is the only reason I got so much detail.  But she has so much anger  and frustration for her situtation. She doesn't want the pain. I first tried to teach in mongolian but she told me just to speak english... haha.  So I got to teach in english... which was a tender mercy... anyway  that morning I read somewhere about the missionary that was glad because the people he wanted to teach were struggling and they were being humbled through their afflictions. At first I was like that is messed up that he would wish bad things on people.  But then during the lesson I couldn't stop thinking about how the Lord is preparing her to recieve the gospel.  She is going through a lot and I hope I get to meet with her again (if I go on another exchange).

Also, 2nd person we met with that day was named monxeed... Yeah i don't remember right now but I did write it down in my journal so I would remember it.  Anyway she studied english for University, so she had amazing english... I didn't know that till the end.  Basically most the lesson was in mongolian and my exchangee companion speaks really fast and i don't understand a lot... So we get to the end and my companion points at me to testify but I had no idea what to testify about so I decided to testify about the BOM.  Then again she said told me just to speak in english... then she tells me her whole story basically and I could understand!  Anyway she was in UB and she was studying english and really wanted to go to the US to study for a year. But she had no money.  She didn't tell anyone about it.  But her friend told her to go try and pray to god.  She she goes to a church and prays to Heavenly Father about going to the United States to study.  A few weeks later some people from the US somehow find out about her and raised all this money for her to go study. After that happened she knew that there was a God and that he answered her prayers.  So after that she prayed all the time. And she was saying that she only trusts Heavenly Father.  She's not even a member and she puts all her trust in Heavenly Father... Her testimony is already amazing.  Anyway she does have a baptismal date and just needs to be taught all the lessons. But then she started talking about how her parents don't support her decision to join the church and in general her relationship is just suffering.  I then complimented her cause she is so strong and trust the lord so much.  Then the scripture came to mind in Mosiah 24... In English i got to explain this all.  But in this chapter the people were being oppressed and they prayed to have their burdens taken away. But the lord did not deliver them out of bondage right away.  He strengthened them through their trials... "And I will ease the burden.... that you cannot feel them upon your backs... and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God do visit my people in their afflictions... and it now came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon alma and is brethren were made light; yea the lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord".  As soon as I got done reading that you could see that the spirit was working on her. There were tears in her eyes.  And then I testified of the Book of Mormon... And it was amazing.  I hope I get to meet with her again too... She is amazing.

Also sister Monxtoya and me always race for some reason. And one night we were racing back to the apartment from the bus stop.  Mind you we have our bags/scriptures/huge coats on/running in church clothes... Anyway so she had won last time so I decided that I was going to win this time (I'm competitive, I can't help it). So I am running my guts out and she falls way behind.  After awhile I decide to look back and she is laughing at me... I soon realize there was a steady stream of flashcards that had been streaming from my bag ( I study vocab words in passing and on the bust. I took some off the ring that I had memorized).   Yeah so it took a bout 10  minutes to clean up all the flash cards... But it was so nice to laugh that hard.  And side note: I won.

Well Hope all is well! Merry Christmas and enjoy the Christmas Music.

Love You family/friends,
Sister Sara Eskelsen

Me and Sister Monxtoya

Sister ilxwagarath and I on the bus

The Relief Society Activity

My 1st mongolian grandma... I can't understand her but she cracks me up. 

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