Sunday, December 22, 2013

1 Month Already

This week has been really difficult. But I know my language will get better.

But this week we ate at this families house and this is with my other companion who I work with 2 days a week because mine does sister trainer stuff.  Anyway this family, I have eaten twice at their house. OH MY GOODNESS... Best food eeeevveeer!  Seriously they have the best food. Also they usually this really good hot chocolate that has less sugar.  It's bitter, like i imagine coffee would taste like, and to top it off they always bring out a cake that they bought at a baker.  I seriously am in heaven when we eat at their house. It's amazing such a blessing.

Also this week I got to teach in english once to this guy from africa.  He is here teaching english.  He is from Uganda.  Let me tell you, he needs the gospel sooo bad. He has so many problems.  He didn't say he had so many problems but you could just tell by how he was acting and through the spirit.  He grew up catholic and believes in god and he has read most of the book of mormon.  But he did not want to pray about it till he understood everything.  So then he had a question about where Nephi left from to sail to the Americas.  So of course who knows the answer but we read the part about how Nephi when he built the ship, "not after the manner of men".  And we talked about how nephi had faith and that the lord would provide.  The whole point was that God's ways our higher than our ways.  We can not understand everything in this life, which is why we need faith.  So after a little bit he finally agreed to pray about the book of mormon.  I hope he softens his heart to the gospel. He is trying so desperately to find truth. He has ready many versions of the bible, the Koran. After he leaves mongolia in 6 months he is going to go do social work in Saudi Arabia.  I asked him why Saudi Arabia and he wants to learn about the people's way of life and Islam.  Anyway, we think he knows it's true in his heart, but his mind won't except it because every detail doesn't have an answer.

My funny thing this week: We ate at this family's house in our ward.  They are very old but super sweet.  I sat next to her at this relief society thing and she kept putting all the extra food in my bag for me to eat later... she killed me.  But we at her house and the food was pretty good but then she kept piling more on my plate. But I only ate what I could (because I'm getting fat, cause its hard to work out here).  Anyway so after we were going to share a spiritual thought.  But we started with an opening song.  And her husband who is very old  started singing with everyone.  But after a couple lines I started laughing.  Holy Moly if you could've heard how he was singing.  It was like a dead cat trying to sing... okay I know mean but I don't know how else to describe it.  Basically I'm the worst missionary ever.  I tried soo hard to keep it in but then one by one everyone started laughing.  Even the lady( i forgot her name cause I can't remember people's names here) was laughing.   So I was trying to blame it on how I kept singing bad because I was sick.  But the guy asked if we were laughing at him. Thankfully my companion lied and said we weren't. It felt so good to laugh hard though.  And I feel really bad for laughing.  But don't worry after the song I could control myself and we shared our spiritual thought.

Also family - My skpe time for christmas is the 26th at 8am my time... so Christmas Night for you sometime. 

I love you family! Hope you are doing so well!

Sister Sara Eskelsen
PS it's freezing here.  And apparently it's not even that could yet.  I may  die haha. 

So the girls in the white dresses... those are some of the 2nd graders I teach... they are so adorable. They had a christmas concert/competition thing.  It was so great to hear christmas/holiday songs.

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