Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Guess I'm In Mongolia...

I guess I am in Mongolia... cause it doesn't feel like real life. haha This city is insane.  There are always so many people walking around.  And the traffic is crazy. I feel like it's so unsafe to even walk on a cross walk across the street.
The city is very cold and very polluted. We have to wear a mask in the morning and at night to protect our lungs.  Somedays are super bad it's hard to believe.

The food here is good so far. Well everything I've eaten at restaurants is really good.  The only thing is they don't eat nearly any vegetables.  Maybe a little carrots. I take vitamins cause I feel like the food is just starch and meat.  I tried byyz (boads) Which are steamed buns with sheep meet and onions.  They are so good. Also I tried stoyvan ( I don't remember how to spell it).  It's basically a lot of noodles with a little meat and a little vegetables.  Basically it's just a twist on Asian food. Nothing Like Mongolian bbq back home.  haha

My companion's name is Sister Ithxhagwajargath.  It means something happiness. Everyone's names here are Holy happiness or rich Happiness and names like that.  Which it makes it easier to remember everyone's names if I know the meaning.  Wow I have never had such a hard time with names.  I cannot remember anyone's name and I feel like I should at least know that.  Anyway, she is a convert to the church on 3 years. She is the only member in her family. She is a very good missionary I think. I'm learning a lot from her.  It's been a little hard to communicate... and when I mean a little I really mean a lot.  I don't really understand very much going around me.  I can understand half of the words in the sentences usually but I don't really know what they mean all together.

Yesterday was my 1st Sunday of course. I was trying so hard to talk to everyone but I just couldn't communicate very well.  They asked me to play piano during relief society.  Such a relief! something I can do well!  Yesterday I asked this girl if she was going to be a missionary... cause it's something I can say... But she ended up being an investigator and was going to get baptized the next week.  haha oops. Also, I kept trying to talk to people and they would be like... "it's ok, it's ok".  Its like they don't want me to hurt my self.

I am in the khanolth area... I have no idea how to spell it.  But it's a richer area i guess. There are a bunch of apartments.  Also, there are a few people who are native english speakers.  Which was kind of a relief.  The area is really big and it also has a gehr district in them. I have not been inside a gehr yet though.  I guess me and my companion are whitewashing the area.  It's all new to me anyway so I don't really have any opinion.

Well so far the hardest part about this experience has been learning to speak and understand Mongolian. I was reading in 3 Nephi 13 I think... and there was the part about consider the lilies... and that Heavenly Father knows what we all need. We should not worry about what we need or don't need. So... I just need to just trust the Lord and keep being diligent.

We taught a few people. 1 non-member and the other 2 were member just not as active or new members. The investigator came to church with her two kids! The meeting had started but she came in late! Harah! We are teaching her again this week.

In one of the new members there was this older lady.  I couldn't really understand much of what she was saying but I know that she loves this gospel.  Her husband is going to be our new investigator.  I guess he is just busy because of work or something.  She said that if she were our age she would serve a mission. My companion told her she can always do missionary work. So she is going to come teach with us sometime.

Lastly, I start teaching 2nd and 5th graders December 2nd.  I met the principle and he was really excited to meet me.  He seemed really nice. And he had all these dvd's  with his picture on it in his office.  It seems like he does something with training teachers.  I don't really know. I just thought it was funny he had all these dvd's with his picture on the front.   

Well that's all I can think of right now.

Also for Christmas I just want the money haha.  I'm going to go spend money on warm clothes today.  I guess it only takes 3 weeks for mail to get here not bad!


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