Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Got My Visa

So my fate was up in the air for about a week. They told us not to worry about it, but it's hard not to. I just found out yesterday that I did get my visa and will be leaving the 16th. IN A WEEK. What?! There was one Elder that is getting a reassignment for 1 transfer but then will be heading to Mongolia. We find out Monday where he is going.  I still do not have my travel plans but hopefully will receive them today or tomorrow. I will be in Mongolia in about a week. CrAZY.

Also there was this girl in my zone who just got here from Tennessee.  She is actually Colombian but moved to the US when she was young. She is going to Japan  on her mission. But here is the crazy connection. Her sister is serving in Belo Horizonte and got to the MTC when Rane did and received their visas around the same time.  So that was a cool moment.  
Usually for devotionals they don't tell us till right before devotional for security reasons or something. But the speaker last week told everyone during devotional. So Elder L. Tom Perry is speaking this Tuesday.  That will be the 2nd general authority I have gotten to hear.  But my favorite devotionals have been random apostles from the quorum of the seventy.  There was a guy who spoke the week before last. He was Brazilian and was a convert and now he is in the 70.  But he told us his conversion story and he was hilarious.  He was talking about his feelings after he heard the  missionary discussion.  He was so very excited. He was telling his parents and said "THE church of JESUS Christ is back on the Earth!" When he was saying that to us he was grabbing the mike and shaking it almost frantically. I was not expecting that from him but it was very funny.
Yesterday I had this super long "Infield Orientation".  It was hard to sit through but parts of it were really great.  My favorite part was when they talked about the story with the three 18 year olds who carried people from the Willie Hand-cart company across the sweet water river. If you haven't read it you need to go read or watch it right now.  It is amazing.  Also everyone was in tears after the movie.  Right after that we went to this break out session that talked about having faith in miracles.  It was amazing. 
Anyway things are going so great. Thank you for everything.
Sister Sara Eskelsen

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