Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Bolson

This week we met with our investigators Bayarjargal and Kuma. And they are so wonderful, they have a little baby. Bayarjargal is ready to get baptized. We had a lesson with him about keeping the sabbath day holy and how sitting in church 3 hours, and not working on sunday is really important. I thought we would have to beg him. But he just accepted it right away. HE IS THE BEST. I think this friday he will enter into his baptismal interview. We are still trying to work with his wife more. She is kind of hucelgui but we decided to meet with just her, because her needs are different than her husbands. And she doesn't talk as freely if her husband is their.
Also, we got a referral this week, and she came to church with her friend who is a sansar member. The lesson after church was amazing. She kept talking about how much she wanted to change her life. She is so hungry (not literally). So we set a baptismal date for January.She is so ready. And this member that sat in the lesson apparently has brought so many investigators  for the missionaries. She is amazing. she just wants to share her light. She is going to study in japan, and then leave from her mission their in like a year. Yeah i need to be like her after my mission.

So the other week my companion and I were talking about the tree of life in lehi's dream. How if the iron rod is the word of good and we continually holding fast, like what exactly does the fruit represent, yes of course the love of god, but I think it's the atonement. Some people say it's keeping the commandments. But is the fruit something you continually eat? And if so do you need to be eating the fruit and holding on the the iron rod at the same time? Yeah I have really thought about this.So my companion was like, well then that's why we need an eternal companion. One has to pick the fruit from the tree and one has to be holding on to the bar and you have to be holding on to each other.

K love you have a good week. SORRY MY LETTERS SUCK NOW. haha

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