Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fast shoo dee!

This week went by SO fast. I cant' even believe it. So this week we started teaching Javsma's other family! So we are now teaching her daughter, (who always comes with us to members houses too), and her son, and her nephew. I'm still praying that we can teach her husband too.  And all 4 of them came to church on Sunday. What a miracle!! I have been praying this whole transfer to find a family to teach. And I after this week, I realized that Heavenly Father answered my prayers and I didn't even realize it.

Oh my goodness this week I went on a transfer with a sister and served in a different ward. We taught these 3 women. They said they wanted to convert us to their religion. haha I did not understand half the time what they were talking about. They said they believe that they are god and and bunch of other stuff. At first I thought that I was just misunderstanding them... But then my companion told me after what was going on. And I DID UNDERSTAND. haha But laman and lemual's hearts were so hardened. They saw miracles, angels and were never converted. We should always try to have a soft heart. I couldn't stop thinking about that after our meeting with these three women.  It was the weirdest meeting i have had here. But I just hope in someway they were effected by our lesson.

So this week I learned again people are not perfect. And one thing that President Uckdorf (sorry I can't spell it and i dont' want to spend time to look it up), said that "the people that are perfect you just don't know very well". How true is that. Anyway, there is this family and they all got baptized together, but lets just say their some problems.  First I heard their story and was so amazed. I have never baptized a whole family together here. Just one person here and there. Anyway, the only reason we found it is cause of one of the daughters confided in us when we were with just her.  It had me re-evaluate if i'm really loving the people I serve. I just feel really lied too and ingenuity. Two things before my mission, I would avoid people like that. But I learned I just need to love them as the Savior would.  And it reminds me to always be virtuous. I love the story in conference about the rats in the seller.   "If there are rats in the cellar you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly. But the suddenness does not create the rats: it only prevents them from hiding."

K I love yall!


OH America, you fine lady of liberty, and land of purified faucet water. #foreals

Yeah that woman just witched slapped that drunk man in the middle of the street. #soloud #laughedoutloud

I have never been so pleased with a nice farmers tan, until right now. #missionproblems

This dump truck just started playing old mongolian music on the loud speaker going down the street, for everyone to hear. #andilovedit

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