Sunday, July 20, 2014


So this week was so rough. We had 3 different investigators say, "we're buddhist, we can't meet anymore, I can't be part of your church". And 2 of them had baptismal dates for next month. I was a little crushed. How do you go from so ready and excited to be baptized from wanting to give back your Book of Mormon.    What I learned, Is I need to learn more about Buddhism, cause I really know nothing about it.

And we have an investigator named uka. She is the one who begged us to be baptized 3 weeks ago, but then wouldn't meet with us. We kept calling her and every time she would flake on us.  This week we had 2 run-ins with her. So after my English class, we were going to check an address. And guess who we see coming out of the little convenience store... yeah Uka. And I straight up asked her. Do you want to meet with us? Why do you not answer our phone. All she said was "of course, I just have been busy".  I was in wonderment... we were suppose to run into her... why? I still don't knoooow. But yesterday our appointments fell through. So we decided to call Uka, her phone was off... wierd... right... yeah not really. So we were going to meet with someone else, and all of a sudden we see uka across the street! So we decided to meet with her. The most frustrating thing about meeting with her is we keep asking, why do you want to meet? why do you want to be baptized, but she never opens up. This morning we just decided we need to be patient with her and keep meeting with her.  So who knows what will happen with this.

I don't know what else to write this week.

Have a good week love you!
Sister sara eskelsen.

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