Sunday, April 20, 2014

3 Baptisms

This Saturday we have 3 baptisms! I'm so excited.  I'm going to wear my delth again!

Everything is really good. I have the best companion. She is an amazing missionary and we are always laughing. Last week we were in a district meeting and she says "companion. bathroom."(mongolian). So then i look over at her face and she had got her necklace stuck in her tongue.  I died. I wish I had a picture, because I know I'm not doing this story justice.

Last week I met with my investigator Doothgoon.  She is amazing, She is 14 years old, we haven't taught her in a month, so we retaught her the Book of Mormon and the 1st lesson.  So my companion asked, did you read the BOM? and she said "yes, I read the Homework". Which it was so long ago we met with her I didn't think she was interested. But we re-read her chapters that we assigned and she understood it so well.  I was so happy she read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the strongest tool of true conversion.

And last week, we met with an investigator named Otgontoya. She has some kind of nervous system problem, where she uncontrollably shakes sometimes.  So during our last lesson she started to shake during our lesson.  But she was listening and she understood really well.  So after the lesson, she told us that she was at the club with her friends and she usually gets drunk, because she's so sad because she can't work... So she told her friends she wasn't going to drink because she knows she shouldn't. She didn't promise us anything the week before. But I was so happy she did that.  She is gaining a testimony.  Its so amazing.

My biggest worry on my mission is that people show get baptized go inactive.  It's the saddest thing ever. Which is why it's so important to read the Book of Mormon.  Also, members go inactive cause they don't' have friends. So NEVER SIT ALONE AT CHURCH.

This week is my last week of english till September! I am so excited!

Well I hope everyone is doing so great.
Love you all!

Sister Sara Eskelsen

Oh also dad, I have been eating oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. Usually some sort of vegetable, meat with rice or noodles combo for lunch and dinner.  The food here isn't really that different. Just the quality. But today I made the best chicken.  OH and I love proshkies... I can't spell it, but its like a puffy fried roll with meat, vegetables and rice.

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