Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rickety Ladder

So this week has been so great. My new companion is always laughing at me haha.  Sometime I don't know why, but it's so nice to laugh a lot.  I'm so thankful. 
This week we met with a new investigator her name is bothortoya.  She is one of our current investigator's friend.  She has the most remarkable story. So exactly 2 years ago, she walked into the church and watched general conference. But no one noticed her or talked to her so she left kind of offended and crying.  Then she went in the church another time and no one was there.  She just wanted to talk to someone about the church.  We found all of this information out during her prayer. She gave the most heart felt prayer I have ever heard an investigator give. It was amazing we were all crying. I didn't really understand what she said but I felt the spirit.  So we end up giving her the 1st lesson.  Afterward My companion and I were talking, and my companion said I taught so well... I wasn't saying "um" all the time or waving my arms like usual.  THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS SO REAL. I mean I know it's real but I haven't noticed a specific experience yet.  I don't have to have perfect Mongolian right now to teach. Of course I always need to strive to improve but I shouldn't stress about it.  But I am so thankful for this opportunity. She reminded me of how we should pray all the time.  We haven't met with her again. But I feel as though she is so prepared.
This week we talked to so many people on the bus about the gospel.  Well I couldn't but my companion could. I just met them and started asking them about their family, what they do. One is really good practice to talk to a lot of different people. Because I can understand people's Mongolian that I talk to all the time but if there is someone new I have to get use to them.  And second, we meet and talk about the church or at least free English class.
And this week we were serving a less active member. Her name is Hoavedzaya.  I just love her. Her child is ADHD and I just love them both. But anyway she is getting ready to move and she lives in an actual house.  So we are helping her with it.  So last week, we go outside and my companion tells me we were going to work on the roof and I was going to refuse if there was something that was unsafe.  Anyway so we go to the side of the house and there is this janky handmade latter with one of the rungs missing. I look at my companion with a face of terror.  So hoabdzaya ends up picking up this rusty nail from off the ground and starts fixing the broken rung. We proceed to the other side of the house, we put the latter up against the house.  She starts climbing the latter and removes the attic door.  Get down and tells us to go in. I look at my companion wide eye-ed and communicated "no way" with my eyes.  I said I weigh a lot I will break the ladder, I literally felt that way.  The ladder was so sketchy. So bless her heart my companion climbs the latter goes into the attic and starts working.I help from the ground.  Handing her tools and materials.  I still don't understand a lot of mongolian. So trying to follow directions is so hard.  So there was a neighbor girl who was over playing and she thought I couldn't hear hoabdzaya, so she was repeating everything she was saying. She didn't understand, that I really couldn't understand. So basically a 5 year old had to help me do everything.  Man it was so frustrating, but I'm grateful we could help her.
So I get to watch conference next week. But I watched general womens' session. IT WAS SOO GOOD.  The two main things that stood out were we all have more in-common, they we have difference. Being with Mongolian companions, there is a huge cultural difference. But focusing on difference doesn't help. I learned a lot from my last companion. I learned a lot of what not to do. haha but I'm thankful for the experience.  The 2nd thing that stood out is when they were talking about how it is important for women to befriend each other. I was thinking about all the people who have influenced me growing up.  One, I will never forget Tammy Morgan's lesson on eternal marriage when I was a beehive. I think I was a beehive. She wrote this letter and put a one dollar bill in it.  She talked about how important eternal marriage is and she promised If I return the letter and the dollar to her before I am about to get married in the temple, she will buy my veil. I have not forgot this promise, I still have the letter in my keep sake box.  2nd I was thinking about Sister Pam Skelton. I was in class and she asked "why do we go to church". I was just trying to be funny, I didn't answer the question how I should've have answered. I said "to see all the people and talk with everyone".  She said " I really hope that is not the only reason why you go to church. You should go to church because you love God and you have a testimony of him and Jesus Christ". Or something to that effect. I don't remember exactly.  I have Always remembered this.  And I was thinking about sister Tenny how there were so many times I heard stories and advice about the gospel.  And lastly,  Mama J.  I have always learned so much from Sister Mahaffey and I am so thankful for everything she has taught me. I know I would not be the same person now if I didn't have these women, who have a testimony of the gospel and cared enough to teach me.  Fulfilling our callings are so important.  I was speaking with my temporary american companion and she had many similar stories, of church leaders growing up.
Oh my goodness so on the way to watching women's general session. I was speaking in English with my american temp companion. We were talking about past boyfriends, something we should be talking about haha. But no one can understand us so we were just talking like were were the only ones on the bus. All of a sudden someone with a very American voice said "Where are you guys from".  It was so weird I felt like I was in a twilight zone. Hearing another unfamiliar American voice was shocking.  So we started talking he day trades and I guess the market is really bad right now and so he took of 3 weeks to travel, mongolia, china, north korea, south, korea, and I think he said one more place.  So this was my only proselyting experience from last week. Americans are free game. So we got to talk a little about the church. I couldn't find my card. I was so mad. But it was so great.  And after the experience, I realized I need to repent! haha and be more focused, because even when you think no one is listening, there could be someone understanding exactly what you are saying.

Well the weather is warming up. I get to listen to conference next week. I'm sooo excited. LOVE YOU FAMILY. Stay safe!!!
Sister Sara Eskelsen
(still can't believe i'm 25)

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