Sunday, February 16, 2014

1st transfer

This week, we ended up going to a couple of all member family's houses, one to teach the fhe, and the other to eat and share scriptures.  So we were leaving one of the houses, and I was saying how I love going to all member houses. She said "You feel peaceful, and safe". What a blessing that I know I have taken for granted. In PMG It says "Heaven is a continuation of the ideal home". How true this wrings. I read this week somewhere in PMG maybe or True to the faith or a conference talk.  That going to the temple prepares us to live in the presence of God. I am so thankful I have always had a temple so close to me.  Go to the temple!
This week I got transferred to "songino" ward or "onion".  I really like this ward. I have been in it a few times because this is the ward I always went on exchanges in.  They are really fun. A lot of YSA.  I am going to miss my old ward though. There are these old ladies that gave the best hugs.  My new companion is also the same one I would always go on transfers with. It's good because she speaks hardly any english. She want to learn english really bad though. haha 
So this week my english students were on this famous mongolian TV show. They answer Mongolian national questions, if they get it wrong they are out, if they got the questions write they stayed in line for the next question.  They were all wearing their traditional mongolian clothing. soooo Cool I would send pictures but I forgot my card reader.  Also, I got to hear the mongolian harp this week. Some of my 5th graders were playing. So amazing. One of the students is so funny. He really loves english, but isn't really that great at it. but he tries so hard. And he has a bad limp from something. But when he plays the harp it's so graceful!!! It was amazing.
Also family, if you send me anything for my birthday... You should send me a music CD's of Soweto Gospel Choir, and Elvis Gospel Choir music. 

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