Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MTC 3 Weeks Down

This week has been kind of crazy.  I had to go to a "how to teach English" class this week, 4 hours a day which takes out so much time.  I barely had time to personal study.  This week I am trying to work on my testimony in Mongolian. I decided to focus on learning the gospel terms and have the everyday speech be a 2nd priority.

So this week a bunch of temple square missionaries are in my resident hall and zone. THEY ARE SO AWESOME.  My Sister companions are Sister Arrietta and Sister Arujo.  Sister Arrietta is from the Philippines and Sister Arujo is from Portugal.  I'm trying to learn Portuguese from her! When I say learn I really mean only pick up a couple phrases.   I promise I'm focusing on Mongolian really. We are teaching a progressive investigator which is really our teachers.  And it's All in Mongolian. I never really know what the "investigator" is saying and I usually always have notes to help me remember.    


So yesterday I was sitting with most of the Sisters in my Zone and we were all laughing and having a good time.  So Sister Armendariz (from Mexico, AWESOME sister)  She wanted to throw grapes and get them in my mouth.  So she throws the 1st one and it hits the girl next to me.  She throws the 2nd one and she hits my forehead.  Then I was like "Ok we have to get 1 more". Also I told her to toss it so i have time to try and get it.  So she throws the third one...  I see the grape going over my head and lean back to try and catch it.  Yeaaaah. Not a good choice.  In slow motion I feel my whole body falling backwards in the chair.  My legs and arms are up in the air at this point flailing around, so everyone who was in the MTC cafeteria could see my Garments.  But the two sisters after laughing so hard, quickly catch my chair and me before I hit the ground.   I realize all this has happened and just started cracking up.  I haven't laughed that hard since I reported.  Everyone at the table said it was even funnier watching it.  Even though that was probably embarrassing I'm so grateful for it.  Haha it feels so good to laugh.

I've gained weight but Sister Ariamendez will work out with me.  Today we went running at 5:45am and then went to work out class at 6-6:30am.  She is so amazing. She motivates me. I'm going to be so sad when she leaves next week. Honestly I just need to practice self-control and not eat sweets. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD. haha.


Sister Eskelsen

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